Is Your Home In Need of a New Roof

Have you been hit by hail or anything else hard and you need a new roof? Don't panic, it can be fixed quickly and easily. We work closely with your insurance company, and several financial agencies to help you find funding options to enable you to afford a new roof no matter the circumstances.

Our Services


We provide our clients with a FREE UPGRADE to an Architectural shingle, which is more aesthetically attractive, and more durable, providing better protection, adding to roof longevity. We also provide a FREE UPGRADE to synthetic felt, a superior underlayment that is the most temperature and moisture resistance possible today. FREE CODE UPGRADES, including ice and water barrier and drip edge, replacing pipe boots and flashing, and installing ridge vents instead of turtle vents.

Design Variety Service

We offer every kind of roofing services you could need. We offer slate, solar, green, tile, and shingle roofing designs. If you would like a comprehensive list of all the roofing options we have available, feel free to give us a call.

Accurate Deadline Service

If and when you decide to hire us, we give you an accurate timeline of when and what we will be doing on your roof and follow it to the letter, simply give us a call today and let's talk about your new roof.

Cleaning up DURING & after the roof replacement

The clean-up starts during the replacement, NOT just afterward. While the roofing crew is tearing off your old roof and installing the new one, the ground crew is cleaning.

After installations is complete, we will use a blower to remove any debris, or sawdust. We will also clean your gutters, to include running a magnet through them to get any loose nails, and blow out the downspouts to make sure everything from the gutters up is clean.

Inspection Service - Inspecting your property after your roof replacement

After your new roof is clean and sparkling, and everyone is on the ground, we focus on cleaning the grounds. We begin with a visual inspection of every square inch. Then will go through your property and driveway with two magnets to find any stray nails. After your yard and driveway are clear, the crew will load up all their tools and equipment.

It is very common for homeowners to tell us that gutters and yard are cleaner than before the roof replacement.

Publicly Praised

We maintain high-scores and verified reviews from our paying and happy customers, we wear that badge with pride.

Expertly Trained

Each of our roofers are expertly trained and have years of professional experience, and we only select the best.

Insured and Licensed

We are fully insured, and we keep our business license current, and fully comply with all building codes ensuring that we always meet or exceed best practices.

All the Benefits You Need,

All in One Service.

SAVE TIME - Don't waste time or worry on a leaky roof, struggling with unresponsive companies.  We'll get the job done, whenever you need it.     SAVE MONEY - Our close relationship with many roofing product manufacturers allows us to promptly acquire quality materials at low costs to keep your prices LOW.     RELIABLE SERVICE  -  Sometimes, a home repair just can not wait.  You can count on our reliable service whenever and where ever you need it.

Save Time

We'll get the job done, whenever you need it done. Don't waste time, or worry, on a leaky roof, struggling with unresponsive companies.

Save Money

Our close relationship with many roof product manufacturers allows us to promptly acquire high quality roofing materials at a low costs to keep your prices low.

Reliable Service

Sometimes a home repair just can not wait. You can count on our reliable service whenever and where ever you need it.

JOIN A COMMUNITY OF TRUSTED ROOFERS  -  When you use our services, you're joining a community of trusted companies.  Attached are logos of Marlarkey Roofing Proucts, CertainTeed, GAF/ELK, DECRA, and TAMKO BUI,DING PRODUCTS

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Graceful Living Roofing

As a Covington GA roofer, we provide high-quality roofing services, across Georgia. We have been working in your area for several years and in that time have helped many businesses and residences alike with their roofing problems.

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